Where to fly: the most convenient way is to fly to Yerevan and live there

Wedding logistics: the ceremony will be in 30 km from Yerevan, on the day of the wedding a transfer from the city center will be arranged

Visas: for the majority of citizens Armenia is visa-free, you can check the details here
There are many accommodation options in Yerevan - please check or Airbnb and feel free to choose the one which is best for you

We recommend staying near the city centre, not far from "Republic Square", potential options:

evening before the wedding
We would like to offer an opportunity to socialize in the evening before the main event – we will help to book a table in a local restaurant in the city center

Consider this evening optional, but if you want to attend, please mark "Yes" in the RSVP form
29 September 2023
Varvara   Andrey