Why Armenia
Why we decided to invite you to Armenia?

  • We wanted to find a place which is close to our country in its culture and spirit

  • Armenian hospitality, national cuisine and sunny September

  • Long standing winemaking traditions (and we love wine)

  • Travel and discover new cultures is one of our favourite hobbies and we'd like to invite you to take a tour to ancient and beautiful Armenia
We would prefer your presence rather than your presents!

And since we know that all of our guests have to travel far to participate in our wedding, please consider this as your gift

If you still want to present something to us, you can contribute towards our honeymoon fund
We want all our wedding guests, including parents, to have a night of relaxation and uninhibited revelry :)

If you understand, that you will not be able to participate in the ceremony without your kids - please kindly contact us

If you wish to give a speech or creatively congratulate us – please contact our wedding planner Ksenia
WE'D love to see you!
29 September 2023
Varvara   Andrey