What to do in Yerevan
Yerevan is a city older than Rome, filled with vibrant culture and crowned with majestic Mount Ararat

Walking tour in the city center: Cascade complex, Freedom Square, Republic Square, Vernissage Market

Art: Martiross Saryan House Museum and National Gallery of Armenia
WHERE to eat in Yerevan
Restaurants with local food

Gata Tavern $
Vostan $$
Lavash $$
Sherep $$
Dolmama $$
Barev Arev $$$
Cascade royal $$$
What to do in Armenia
Ideas for a day trip:

Lake Sevan is one of the highest lakes in the world

Garni Temple was built in the I century AD and is a pagan temple dedicated to the sun god Mihru

Geghard Monastery churches and tombs were carved into the rock, demonstrating Armenian medieval architecture (in the photo)

Khor Virap is a 17th-century Armenian monastery with majestic views of the Ararat Mountains

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29 September 2023
Varvara   Andrey